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Create a bee friendly garden

Plant flowers indigenous to your area. Plant flowers with single petals. Plant yellow, white, blue and purple flowers. Plant flowers that bloom in sequence. Plant flowering vegetable and fruit plants. Plant herbs that attract bees. Make your garden more attractive to bees by following these tips: Rather choose plants with blue, yellow and purple-violet flowers […]

Creating a Water Wise Garden in 7 easy steps.

Water is a scarce and dwindling resource, and South Africa is a dry country with unpredictable rainfall and an ever increasing demand for it. As the demand for this precious resource grows, so will its price along with legislation discouraging excessive use. It is, therefore, important to garden for the future. Start saving money and contribute towards overcoming […]


HOW TO GROW HEALTHY HYDRANGEAS. Hydrangeas can grow in a little sun and shade. Although they prefer partial shade and do well under a canopy of trees. They need to be planted in a sandy soil with good drainage. When you plant a new hydrangea plant it is advisable to cut all the flowers off and […]

Pruning Roses

Now is the time to prune roses. Why do we prune roses, basically to remove dead wood, as well as old twiggy stems. Pruning your roses will also help to shape it into a more pleasing shape. This will also help to prevent tall thin rose bushes. Start by cutting away the top growth so […]

Here is something for Winter…

Now is the time to think of winter protection for your plants in areas where heavy frosts are experienced. To protect large shrubs place four stakes round each shrub and drape frost cover over the shrub every night. Remove the cover every morning and recover every evening. Should you not remove the cover for a […]

What to do in the garden in November

A well- manicured lawn is the perfect answer to a wonderful summer. It is time for Barbecues, picnics and family fun. The answer to a good lawn is to fertilize your lawn with 3:2:1 every 6 weeks, watering well after application. Try cut the lawn twice a week if possible. Never cut more than a […]

Tips for success with planting seedlings

The secret of having healthy seedlings lies in having well prepared soil. Happy soil, happy new home for your seedlings. How can you best prepare your soil? Start by removing any weeds and stones. Spread a handful of bone meal, a handful of 2:3:2 and a handful of superphosphate to every square metre of the […]