Hydrangeas can grow in a little sun and shade. Although they prefer partial shade and do well under a canopy of trees. They need to be planted in a sandy soil with good drainage.

When you plant a new hydrangea plant it is advisable to cut all the flowers off and cut the plant down by one third. This will give you a stronger base plant. Within three weeks the plant would be back at the same height and will have new additional branches shooting out.

Add 4 table spoons of Epsom salts to the hole before putting the plant in. This will feed and keep the plant happy. Fertilize the plants at least twice a year with a granular slow release fertilizer. Water well although don’t over water. If watering by hand once the soil is dry give it a good watering.

Hydrangeas like an acid soil so you can pack pine needles around the bottom of the shrub. Don’t over prune your shrub and try protect the old wood during the coming winter months. One can pack mulch around the bottom of the plants to protect them. Don’t cover the whole plant.

Happy Winter gardening.

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