Pruning Roses

Now is the time to prune roses. Why do we prune roses, basically to remove dead wood, as well as old twiggy stems. Pruning your roses will also help to shape it into a more pleasing shape. This will also help to prevent tall thin rose bushes.

Start by cutting away the top growth so that you can see into the shrub better.

When pruning measure the height you want to prune them down to. For lightly pruned roses cut them down to about 90cm, moderately pruned roses to 70cm and severely pruned shrubs cut down to 50cm. It is advisable not to cut a rose bush by more than one third.

Once you have cut away the top growth you can see more of what needs to be cut out.

Start by studying the rose bush. When looking at the shrub you will see older darker stems as well as new stems that are lighter green. Cut out the older stems, leaving the new ones.

It is advised to cut the stems with a straight cut 1 cm above an eye. Cut out any stems that are crossing other stems as they rub against each other and cause damage to each other.

Cut out immature new stems that are too soft leaving the more thicker yellow stems.

The final result should be a neat well-shaped bush.

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