Tips for success with planting seedlings

The secret of having healthy seedlings lies in having well prepared soil. Happy soil, happy new home for your seedlings.

How can you best prepare your soil?

Start by removing any weeds and stones.

Spread a handful of bone meal, a handful of 2:3:2 and a handful of superphosphate to every square metre of the area where you would like to plant your seedlings.

You can further improve poor sandy soil by adding some compost.

Once this has been done you can loosen the soil and mix the fertilizers and compost into the existing soil and then rake the area level.

Transplant the seedlings from their trays into the prepared flower bed in the late afternoon to avoid heat stress. Plant the seedlings the same depth that they were planted in the tray.

It is very important not to bury the stem of the seedling. Gently press the soil firmly down around the seedling.

Once the seedlings have been planted give them a fine sprinkling of water.

Once the plants are established deep infrequent watering will encourage deep root growth. It is advisable to adjust the sprinkling system as plants that do not like “wet feet” could perform poorly if they receive too much water.

Dead – head (remove dead flowers) the plants regularly to encourage more flowering and prolong the flowering season.

Enjoy your pretty slice of colourful heaven… And remember if you need any help or want someone to take care of all of this for you we are just a call or email away and are eager to assist.

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