August means that it is time to show your roses some pruning love

Tips on when, why and how to prune your roses…

July is normally the best time to prune your roses, although if you live in a frost region then it’s better to rather prune them in mid to end August. But for those that don’t get frost and have perhaps forgotten, it’s is definitely better to prune them now than never.

You need to prune your roses as it helps encourage wider and deeper root system as well as better growth and bigger blooms. One should prune every 2 – 3 years to remove the dead wood and make way for new growth, as well a healthier shrub with bigger and more beautiful flowers.

How to prune your roses, is really simple. Firstly you need to remove all the dead flowers and leaves as well as all deceased stems. Cut these dead stems away as low down as possible. Then remove any weak stems and growth.

Once you have done that cut away all the stems that cross the center of the shrub leaving the center open and cleared of branches. You should end up with four or five branches.

Once this has been achieved cut the four or five stems shorter to 600mm or how ever tall you prefer.

Now that the pruning is done loosen the soil slightly around each shrub approximately 300mm deep and then add compost or manure, as well as Vigorosa 5:1:5 fertilizer, around each shrub then level the soil.

Then water each shrub very well, to get the compost and fertilizer down to and around the roots of the plants.

Now add mulch such as pine needles, peanut shells, bark chips or thatch grass around each shrub.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the last few days of Winter whilst your roses get ready to bloom.



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